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Talk to your home to control everything:
From lights to music, from climate to TV.

What is Homey?

Homey is your personal assistant who will make your home personal again. Whatever you want to do, Homey takes care of the technical parts, so you’re left with the fun.

Interact with your home and your devices in the way you interact with anyone else: using natural, spoken commands.

When you’re not at home...

To prevent shouting, and to monitor and control your home on the go, Homey features an app. This app is made on the same principles as Homey: to be fun, quick and intuitive. Use either an iPhone or an Android phone to easily control your whole house. Your lights, climate, appliances and IP cameras: all in your pocket!

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Homey speaks your language

You want to be yourself at home, and part of that is using your own language. That is why we have made Homey multilingual from the start. Right now, Homey is available in the native language of over 1.5 billion people in the Western world, and we are working hard on expanding that number.

Currently, Homey understands and speaks English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.


...and that of your devices!

Homey does not only speak with you, but also with all your (wireless) devices. Those of 10 years ago, your newest ones, and the ones you buy in the next few years.

To make that possible, Homey features 7(!) different radio technologies, ranging from the older standards to the newest home automation tech. Next to that, it holds a powerful infrared LED to control your Television Set, TV Tuner, HiFi installation and more!

Never-ending possibilities

The possibilities of Homey are endless. Get warned to take an umbrella right when you leave. Sync your alarm clock, Hi-Fi, lights and coffee machine for the ultimate morning experience. Get your house heated automatically when you’re leaving work.

We built Homey as an open platform, just like a smartphone. This way, everyone can jump in to make Homey even better by adding services, devices and other cool features.

Achievements we're proud of!


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