Homey belongs to the community.

Our goal is to connect all your devices at home. But there are so many different devices and standards, we could never do that alone.

Since the first sketch was made, Homey had to become a product that enables creativity in people, and where developers could easily contribute.

Our community made us big, and is where our heart lies.
Together we can make the dream of a réal smart home reality.

Homey Ambassadors

From within the Community a network of enthousiasts has formed that help together to let the world know about Homey. They organise events, open up their homes for demos and are very helpful in the Community. We call them the Homey Ambassadors.

Are you interested in Homey, but do you want to see it first? Meet up for coffee and a demo with one of our ambassadors for the full experience.

Interested in becoming an Homey Ambassador as well? Sign up through this form.