Home Automation done right

It’s one thing to have all your smart home devices in place, with their corresponding smartphone applications installed. And yet, it doesn’t feel smart. It’s just a bunch of devices that you control through a variety of apps. Having them act smart is a whole other thing. It’s time to make your smart devices actually smart.

There’s a difference between having smart home devices and having a smart home. The latter one can be achieved through home automation. Allow your devices to work together, think outside the box and repurpose devices, create schedules that fit you and your family. Don’t remote control devices, set them in motion based on your presence, on the time of day, if the sun is shining, or if it’s raining. Let them live alongside your family, and let them control your home automatically.

home automation

It takes a special kind of product to make everything work together. A home automation hub does just that. It allows you to walk into your bathroom and automatically turn into a wellness resort. It gets the mood perfectly right when you’re all gathered around for a cozy family dinner. Never worry again when you’re away from home, because a home automation hub worth it’s money will takes care of it and reports when something’s up.

How does it work? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

Controlling all your Home Automation Devices

Ideally, within smart home automation, you want to be in total control of all your home automation products. They should do as you please. You don’t want to worry about connectivity issues, about lock-ins with certain brands, or lock-ins in certain technologies. The home automation devices should just work, regardless of brands and technologies.

With a home automation hub a lot of these issues are in the past. They function as the bridge between you and all your devices. You buy a home automation device of a certain brand, connect it to your hub, and done. It gets real interesting once you add more devices into your home automation network. Your devices can now not only talk directly to you, but also to each other. This opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance, if you turn on a light, your blinds automatically go down. Throw in some more devices, and you’re well under way your smart home automation journey.

With a more versatile home automation hub, such as Homey, you can even factor in the time of day, or what day of the week it is. And it’s easily adjustable. In the Homey interface you can create powerful scenario’s that follow the “When something happened, and this and that are true, then do that”-rules. For instance: When it’s saturday night, and I’m home, turn on my favorite movie. That’s a powerful home automation scenario. Or as we like to call it: a Homey Flow. It makes your home as flexible as you are.

home automation through homey flow

Home Automation starts with Homey Flows

What would you like to get out of your home? At the basic level, home automation extends to scheduled programmability of devices. You could use this to make sure your devices suit your energy usage to your daily schedule. But that’s just the beginning. After this is where the fun starts. You might want flexibility, freedom and usability, you might want security, energy efficiency and reliability. Or you might want it all. In any case, you want your home to be as smart as you are.

With home automation, the possibilities are endless. You might even say ‘overwhelming’. That is why we want to help you to get the most out of your home in a manageable way. With Homey, automating your home does not involve programming or difficult interfaces, but instead our unique, visual and drag-and-drop Flow Editor that anyone can use. Also, for inspiration, we have a list of interesting Use Cases you might want to use in your home.

A good way to start with Home Automation

The idea of home automation can be overwhelming. After some research you might get the impression you need to rewire your entire home, or hire an expert installer. Ideally you want the ability to control just about anything, without having to rebuild your entire house from the ground up.

That’s where wireless home automation products come in. And to prevent you from getting a headache from all the different wireless technologies around, we made Homey support them all. Combined with the best Smart Home App and the Flow Editor Scenario builder, the sky’s the limit.

Smart lighting is arguably the easiest product category to get started with. Lighting has a direct impact on your home, and Homey can talk to practically any smart lamp out there.

home automation often starts with smart lighting

By taking it one step at a time, you can ease into it. Once you become comfortable with the technology, you’ll end up looking for the next thing to integrate in your smart home. To test the waters, we recommend starting out with an easy scenario. Choose the easiest and most effective way for you to add comfort to your life. For example, turn on the living room lights automatically when you get home. You’re just a single Homey Flow and one smart lamp away from making this scenario a reality.

Starting out with these smaller scenario’s will spark your creativity. Look for different ways to let your devices work for you. For example, the smart bulb you just installed in your hallway can have a whole different role at night. Automatically turn It off when you go to sleep. Or have it function as a nightlight by automatically dimming it when you get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit.

And here is the best part: because Homey combines that much technologies, you don’t have to be brand aware, nor technology aware. Homey connects all wireless smart home technologies from all smart home brands. Just connect the devices to Homey, and all your smart home use cases can become reality. And with a smart home hub such as Homey, they’re incredibly easy to set-up and automate.

A whole lotta you, a little bit of Homey

You’ve just installed your state-of-the-art entertainment center. Complete with a rollout screen, a top of the line HiFi-system and the best smart lamps money can buy. Everything fits in with your current wishes and desires. Great! But what if something changes? Flexibility is key in your smart home. You want it to be as ever-expanding and versatile as you are. A wireless smart home offers you the freedom to easily expand or change your setup without having to tear your walls open or hire an engineer.

homey makes home automation easy

The great thing about a wireless smart home is that you never need to administer extra data cables to control your devices. They are either completely wireless and battery-powered, or just use the available power. You can opt to go for invisible, built-in modules for your home. However, to keep it even simpler, you can also just add plug and play wall switches or smart Screw-in lightbulbs to your home without the need for a screwdriver at all.

Flexibility is also key when it comes to new device options. Here, a central home automation hub like Homey offers a great deal of flexibility, as it replaces brand-specific Smart Home Bridges and interconnects everything as a universal remote control, preventing lock-ins.

Different Home Automation Ideas

The perfect morning routine

A “real” home automation hub knows what’s going on. It knows if it’s morning or evening, what the weather is like, if you’re having guests over. And it also knows everybody has their own routines, wishes and desires. It allows you to tailor the behaviour of your home to match your exact needs.

Take the perfect morning for example. Your morning routine probably differs to your spouse’s or kid’s routines. That’s exactly why you want a home automation system to control different devices in different rooms in different ways. Families are made up of children, parents, sometimes even grandparents and pets. You don’t want a system that treats them all alike. Some people don’t like waking up to music, some people do. Some people don’t want the sun shining down their faces in the morning, others want to see the sun rise. In any case, waking up to a beeping alarm is the worst way to start the day. We like waking up gracefully, to a freshly-made cup of coffee, and a cosy living room temperature.

create with home automation the perfect morning routine

You don’t want to be limited in your approach to smartening up your home. Pair the blinds, coffee machine, sound systems, lights and thermostat in your household to Homey, and have them all behave to your and your family’s specific wishes. Does dad wake up early in the morning? Make sure there’s a pot of coffee waiting for him in a comfortable living room while he gets ready for work. Is everybody sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning? Your smart home knows this, and will do everything to make the situation as comfortable as possible.

This stretches way further than just your family’s morning routines. Is everybody out of the house for work and/or school? Start the robot vacuum. Expecting somebody to take care of your home while away? Grant them access to your home with a smart lock. And everything works interconnected through the magic of Homey.

Implementing your own smart home automation security system

Home security is something that’s always on a homeowners mind. People get iffy when they’re leaving for holidays, and are always wary of what might happen when they’re out for the day. All your personal belongings, all the memories of your family are inside your house. You don’t want somebody messing around with it. However, you don’t want to spend your day away wondering about what could happen, either.

The appeal of smart home automation is, in part, the fact that you have access to your home automation hub and the devices paired to it from anywhere in the world. That way, you can always keep an eye out for you home. Whether you’re across the street or on a sunny beach far away.

It’s actually really easy to set up your own security system with just a few sensors. And, thankfully, Homey supports a wide variety of sensors. By pairing contactsensors as well as motion sensors, Homey knows exactly what’s going on, and can warn you if something is out of place by sending you a message on your smartphone.

create with home automation your own security system

Worried somebody might be sneaking around your home at night? Want to receive a message on your smartphone when your kids don’t make their curfew? You’re just a Homey Flow and a motion sensor away from making this into reality. Set up a sensor at your (back)door and create a Homey Flow that automatically activates them when you go to bed. Done. You’ll now be alerted every time someone is moving around your home when they’re not supposed to. It’s incredible how much can be achieved with simple devices such as motion sensors.

Or set up your own cutting-edge presence simulation, by creating a smart schedule based on what you’d typically do while at home. Turn on your television in the evening, close the curtains at night, outdoor lights on at night and off during the day, while indoor lights go on and off in different rooms. Homey will make sure your house look lived in, even when you’re away.

More great home automation ideas

There are so many Smart Home ideas executable with Homey and your favorite smart devices. The possibilities are endless and we’re sure that you have some great Smart Home Ideas as well. Look at different use cases of how others have been using Homey for more Smart Home Ideas.