Your entire home in your hand

Homey connects all your devices at home, even different brands and technologies. Control your home from one app.

Automate your home with Flow, play your favorite Music and save energy with Insights. Homey is the central hub for your smart home.

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Homey works with the brands you already have

With over 50,000 devices supported, your current devices will most likely already work with Homey.
Homey learns new devices by installing Apps — just like a smartphone.

These are just a few examples. View all supported devices at Talks with Homey.

Automate your home

Flows are rules to automate your home, created by you.

Turn on the lights when you come home. Start your favorite music when you wake up. Buzz your phone when the mail is delivered. When you leave, flash the lights if it's about to rain.

With Homey Flow you can do much more with the devices you already own.

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When I get home

Talk to your home

Using Homey by voice is fast and easy.

Talk to the Smartphone App, or use one of the integrations such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger.

A day with Homey

Click the arrows to find out how Homey makes your day more pleasant.

You're waking up,
The LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights turn on softly, your SONOS Denon Heos Bose plays your Waking up playlist and Homey reads you the news, if you ask for it.

You're having breakfast,
Homey turns on the Philips Samsung LG TV when the morning news starts, while you're having a coffee that Philips Saeco Avanti made for you.

You're leaving for work,
The door closes automatically by your Danalock Invited Smart Lock lock, and your LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights and Philips Samsung LG TV turns off automatically to save energy.

You're on your way home,
The LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights automatically turn on, the Nest ThermoSmart Anna Heatmiser Neo thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, and when you enter the house your SONOS Denon Heos Bose plays your favorite music.

You're having dinner,
“OK Homey, dinner time!” - A smooth music starts playing while your LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights are dimmed. Homey puts a crackling fireplace on your Philips Samsung LG TV with Chromecast .

You're watching a movie,
“OK Homey, I'd like to watch Star Trek!” - Homey turns on your Philips Samsung LG TV, dims your LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights, set the Marantz Onkyo Pioneer tuner to the right input, closes your Forest curtains and plays the movie using Kodi Plex .

You're going to bed,
The Nest ThermoSmart Anna Heatmiser Neo is set to sleep mode, your LightwaveRF Philips Hue LIFX lights and Philips Samsung LG TV turn off, and Homey asks you how late you would like to be woken up the next day.

All your music in one place

Homey plays your favorite music to any speaker. Automatically start playback with Flow.

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Save energy with Insights

It's often hard to get insight in what your devices are doing all day long. Homey logs these events, so you can view them afterwards and see what actually happened at home.

Together with Flow you can even create rules that help you save energy.

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Homey has more to offer. Discover all of it.

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The most powerful and versatile Smart Home platform on the market. The Flow Editor, Apps and active community differentiate Homey from its competitors.

– AJediIAm, user-reviewer

A very well-conceived concept. This single hub that connects all Smart Home devices solves a substantial problem in the Smart Home market.

– Wout Funnekotter, Chief-editor

What stands out is the ease of use of Homey. Despite initial doubts, I was able to control Somfy sunscreens from my own Flows within a minute.

– Jorden,

I’m really struck by the ease of combining all these different devices and programming them.

– David Lemereis, Bright TV