Supercharge your Homey

Homey can do a lot on its own, but the fun really starts when you install Apps on Homey.

These Apps are installed on Homey itself, and they add something to the system you're already familiar with. For example new Flow cards, support for Devices and even music services such as Spotify or Deezer.

With Apps the development of Homey is always moving forward.

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Highlighted Apps

Rain radar

With Homey + Rain radar you'll never get wet. When you're leaving, Homey warns you. If you can still travel dry if you wake up a little bit earlier, that's also possible. Or just ask if it's raining.

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Homey integrates with IFTTT (If This Then That) to open up a whole new world of connections. Trigger a Flow from IFTTT, or run a recipe from a Flow. The possibilities are endless.

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Keep an eye on your stocks, and let Homey notify you when something is happening. Or activate this app as screensaver for Homey's LED ring, and you'll always know how your stocks are doing.

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Not everything has to be serious. With the Soundboard app you can play your own mp3 files from a Flow. Say Cuckoo every hour, play Cookie Monster's Om Nom Nom upon opening the fridge, or wake up with a crowing rooster.

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And more Apps are added every day.

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