Everything at home connected, that is what Homey stands for. With it's eight wireless technologies, Homey can control practically every device.

For most devices Apps have already been made. That is why you don't have to worry about which device you buy anymore, it just works with Homey.

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Talks with Homey

Old & New

Homey deserves a spot in your living room, and shouldn't be stuffed away in a cabin. With six high-power Infrared-LEDs, Homey controls your older devices and TVs with ease.

With over 20.000 supported infrared devices, Homey teaches new tricks to your old devices. You can even connect a remote to your own Flows.

Budget & Premium

Making your whole home smart can get quite expensive. Homey does not only work with the expensive devices, but also with the cheaper ones. For only € 10,- you can already get three wireless socket switches!

Always & Everywhere Connected

Many devices are not controlable outside of your home. Because Homey is always at home, you can always reach your Homey through a secured connection to Athom Cloud. And also your devices.


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