Homey cares about the environment

Of course it's good to live green, but it's not always comfortable. Homey helps you out, for example by switching off your devices when nobody's home.
Or by giving you some insights in your energy usage using Insights.

Made in Holland

Homey is designed in Holland, and is produced within cycling distance.

Not only do we therefore know that the production of Homey is safe & qualitative, but also that the work conditions are good. Because an honest product can only be made in an honest way.

Solar panels love Homey too

When the sun is shining, your lights can definitely turn off. Homey helps you manage your energy in a smart way, even more when you have your own solar panels.

Homey shows you the energy production, even combined with that day's weather report. This way you can really understand what your solar panels are doing.

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Use Cases

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I’m really struck by the ease of combining all these different devices and programming them.

– David Lemereis, Bright TV

The most powerful and versatile Smart Home platform on the market. The Flow Editor, Apps and active community differentiate Homey from its competitors.

– AJediIAm, user-reviewer Tweakers.net

What stands out is the ease of use of Homey. Despite initial doubts, I was able to control Somfy sunscreens from my own Flows within a minute.

– Jorden, domotica.center

A very well-conceived concept. This single hub that connects all Smart Home devices solves a substantial problem in the Smart Home market.

– Wout Funnekotter, Chief-editor Tweakers.net