Your Home, Your Rules.

Homey's real power comes to life in the Flow Editor.
Making your home do what you want is suddenly child's play.

Flows work like “When something happened, and this and that are true, then do that.”.
Using these building blocks there are an infinite number of possibilities, so everyone can make their home do what they want.

Flows connect your Devices, Apps and Homey, just the way you like it.

It is a specific time
Say something
Set to a channel
The sensor goes off
Water sensor douche
Set to a color
Light blue
Play a playlist
Music while showering
Someone is leaving
It's going to rain
Say something
Set a color
Someone came home
Ask a question
Say something
Play a playlist
Favorite music

Flow examples

Below are just a few Flows we've seen being used by Homey users, collected for you to gather some inspiration.

And best of all - everything is customizable. You can create your own Flows to fit your needs, because no home is the same.

Homey, I'm home!

Your home comes to live when you come home. Homey turns the lights on and plays your favorite music. The TV turns on when the news starts, and as the evening progresses the lights reduce in brightness.

When you leave, Homey turns all your devices off to save energy. The more devices you have, the more Homey can do. Do you have a smart lock? Then Homey can even automatically lock your door. Have an alarm system? Homey can automatically arm it when you leave.

Check. Double check.

Sometimes you want to join the automation. Add a `and`-card to your Flow, and Homey will send you a push notification to ask for confirmation.

Send a push confirmation

Send morse to your phone

Sending push notifications is possible. We thought it would be cooler to send a morse message from Homey to your smartphone, so we made that work.

Send a push morse

When someone comes home, then let that person's name vibrate in your pocket. Or vibrate your phone when you walk past the mailbox and a contact sensor went off that day.

Homey, dinner's ready!

Good food is only half the experience, Homey can do the rest. Turn the lights to candlelight colors, start some soft music automatically and enjoy your meal.

Get creative and start the `Dinner Flow` automatically when your exhaust hood is turned off by making Homey measure the power usage with a smart power plug.

Wellness at Home

Create a `Wellness Flow` to turn your bathroom in your own wellness resort.

Go all the way and let a water sensor detect the shower, so Homey can change color the lights and start the relaxation playlist.

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What stands out is the ease of use of Homey. Despite initial doubts, I was able to control Somfy sunscreens from my own Flows within a minute.

– Jorden,

The most powerful and versatile Smart Home platform on the market. The Flow Editor, Apps and active community differentiate Homey from its competitors.

– AJediIAm, user-reviewer

I’m really struck by the ease of combining all these different devices and programming them.

– David Lemereis, Bright TV

A very well-conceived concept. This single hub that connects all Smart Home devices solves a substantial problem in the Smart Home market.

– Wout Funnekotter, Chief-editor