Home is a safe and private place

We believe that your home is your most private place. That is why we have designed Homey with privacy and security in mind. We don't make profit off user data, but simply create a good product.

The trust of our users means everything to us. That's why Homey uses encryption everywhere, stores all private data locally and only gives access to you as owner.

Privacy Design Principles


Homey stores all your personal & device data locally.
No one has access to this data without your permission.


Only you and the people you invite have access to your Homey.
Invited users' access can be revoked at any time.


All connections between Homey and our Cloud are encrypted.
So even when you log-in remotely, for example from a hotspot, you're safe.

Want to know more about how important your privacy is for us?

See our Privacy Policy


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