Talk with your home

Talking is fast, convenient and feels good. Homey uses state of the art Natural Language Processing algorithms to understand your intentions, and takes action accordingly.

Creating your own voice commands is easy by creating a Flow, and you can expand Homey's knowledge by installing Apps.

Things you can say

These are a few examples of speech commands that Homey understands.

Play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Turn off the lights in the kitchen and the living room

Did I lock the front door?

Set the temperature in the hallway to 18 degrees celcius

What's the outside temperature?

What time will the sun rise?

Remind me to go to the barber tomorrow at 3 pm

Dim the lights in the dining room

I'm going out, should I bring an umbrella?

... and create your own commands!

More ways to talk with Homey

The primary way to talk with Homey is by using the Homey Smartphone App.
Additionally, it is possible to use third party integrations as well.

Facebook Messenger

Chat with Homey like you would to any friend. When you use Messenger to talk with Homey, you can simply type commands, ask questions and Homey will respond.

Start messaging

Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, ask Homey to turn on the TV.”

Enable the Homey skill to let your Amazon Echo talk with Homey. Simply say “Alexa, ask Homey ...” and Homey will automatically talk back.

Enable Homey skill

Google Assistant

Talk to Homey using Google Assistant. Give quick commands from Google Home, an Android Wear smartwatch or any compatible smartphone.

Coming soon


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