Homey Smartphone App

Wouldn’t it be nice to control everything in your home wirelessly through a single Smart Home App? Control your lighting, the temperature of your home, your TV, your music and even your curtains? Wouldn’t it be nice to get everything done from a single controller, instead of opening six different smartphone apps and going through another six remote controls just to set the mood right for movie night?

Meet the Homey Smartphone App. The only Smart Home App you’ll ever need.

meet the homey smart home app, the only smart home app you need

The hassle of multiple Smart Home Apps

You know the feeling: Another device another App. Every smart home manufacturer has their own idea of control. Which is fine untill you get several smart home devices up and running. Suddenly you’ll find that the majority of your phone’s storage is clogged up with an app to dim the lights, an app to play some music, an app to play music from a different music service.

And, look around! We have more smart devices than we think. A smart television, a few smart lights, a wireless connected speaker, some sensors and smart sockets. That’s already five different apps! Not even taking into account that you might have different products from different brands.

so many different smart home remotes

Now, imagine yourself sitting on the couch, wanting to watch a movie. You grab the remote to set the television to the right setting. Then, you open up your smartphone app to dim the lights. After dimming the lights, you want to close the curtains to keep that annoying ray of sunlight out. Right. All said and done. You can start your movie. Is that the sound of the robot vacuum that started its daily schedule? You get where we’re going with this. It’s annoying. You want it to happen all at once, without having to plow through an infinite number of actions to get the mood right. All these smart devices, and nothing about it feels smart.

Integrate all devices in one Smart Home App

Technology is meant to make our life easier. Switching through multiple Smart Home Apps, with different interfaces is a hassle. Wouldn’t it be great if everything was controlled in a single App? Or - even better - if your home knew you were watching a movie, and would take care of everything for you in advance? The Smart Home Hub takes care of that. It lets you control all the smart devices in your home within one single Smart Home App: the Homey Smartphone App. Switching between multiple apps, various remotes and learning multiple interfaces is a thing of the past.

Total smart home control

Now, imagine yourself sitting on the couch again, getting ready to watch that movie. You’ve integrated all your smart home devices into one system. To make it even easier, you can automate scenarios that frequently occur. Is your friday night always reserved for movie night with the family? Have Homey turn off all devices that have nothing to do with the best movie watching-experience, set the temperature right, dim the lights and play the movie. And you? You grab the popcorn, because that’s all you need to worry about.

the perfect perfect movie night starts with smart home

One smart home hub for all your scenarios

No house is the same. So, get the most out of it by making your home do want you want it to do. Combine the functionalities of your favorite devices and start using them in a Homey Flow. A Homey Flow lets you automate scenarios in your home. ‘It is a set of rules, when something happened, and this or that are true, then do that.”. Start controlling your home the easy way with one single App and the best smart home hub: Homey!

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