KNX for Homey

Upgrade your home to today's standard.

Homey connects all your devices at home. KNX now also works with Homey. Upgrade your home to the future and let your KNX system work seamlessly with all other smart devices now available.

Buy Homey and the KNX/IP Interface together and you're ready for the future.
Both a KNX-bus and networkcable are included.


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Control your KNX home from anywhere in the world

Homey acts as a KNX server or visualisation. Like you’re used to with Homey, you can easily control all devices from anywhere in the world.

Alexa and Google Home for KNX

Since Homey already has integrations for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, these can both be used to control all your devices, including KNX, without any additional costs.

Access your KNX devices alongside others

Homey talks with thousands of devices from hundreds of brands. Combine them with your KNX devices to get a single interface for your entire home. Control your KNX, Somfy, Sonos, Sunway, TV, Philips Hue, Z-Wave and all other gadgets from one, easy-to-use, interface.

Cross-technology automation

Of course, KNX devices connected to Homey work in Homey Flows. Use your KNX switches to also turn on your Sonos speakers or IKEA Tradfri bulbs. Or use a Fibaro motion sensor to turn on your KNX lights when you walk by. By implementing KNX devices in Homey's Flow Editor, scenarios can be added by installers and users alike, without the need for specialist software.

Easily upgrade your KNX home

Expand your current KNX home with new, wireless, devices. Add them without the need to tear walls open and spend thousands of euros on installers.

No extra costs

As with all Homey Apps, there are no costs related to the . Homey and any KNX/IP interface or router is all you need.

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