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How to add a device to Homey

Homey can control a huge amount of devices. However, Homey must know which devices to address, and how to do so. Homey learns this information when you add a device using the steps below.

Homey Device Manager

1. Log in and navigate to Devices

Open the Homey Desktop Application, log in using your Athom account and select the Homey you want to add a device to. In the next screen, select Devices on the left to get into the Device Manager.

2. Select the zone and press +

In the left pane, you can see and build the structure of your home using zones (rooms). You can rename a zone by clicking on it and add a zone using the button on the bottom of the screen.

Select the zone that you want to add a device to, and press the big + button in the main pane.

Add Device Wizard in Homey

3. Select the device and follow the wizard

You can now search for your device (brand) by starting to type in the search bar. Homey searches through applications which might support your device.

Select the right app. If it's not installed yet, click the Install button on the right.

A device-dependent pairing wizard will open. Follow the on-screen instructions (usually involving pressing a button on the device or remote) to pair the device to Homey.

4. Give your device a name (optional)

After you have paired a device, it will show up in the device manager. Here, you can simply click on the name of a device to change it.

Change the name of a device in Homey

By changing the name, the device becomes better recognizable in the interface of Homey. Also, you can use the name of a device for controlling it with your voice.

Adding a generic socket switch? Then Homey might ask you what is plugged in. Read about the benefits of indicating the real device type.