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How to create a Flow to automate your home

Flows are scenarios in Homey that do things automatically for you. For instance, have the lights turn off when you turn on the television. Creating Flows in Homey is so easy, that everyone can do it! Just follow the following steps.

1. Log in and navigate to Flow

Select Flow in my Athom

Open the Homey Desktop Application, log in using your Athom account and select the Homey you want to add a flow to. In the next screen, select Flow to get into the Flow Editor

Create a new Flow in Homey

2. Choose + Create new flow

In the upper left, you see an overview of all flows on your Homey, and you can easily press the top button labeled + Create new flow to start creating a new flow. Here, you can also give your flow a distingishable name.

3. Add a triggering event

Add a trigger in the 'when...' column

Flows in Homey work via an when - and - then principle.

First, you define an event that should trigger this flow when it happens. This can be a certain point in time, a button that is pushed or a triggered sensor.

Select the relevant device or block from the left pane, and drag it to the first column in the main pane, labeled 'when...' to define your trigger.

Each block or device can hold multiple actions, which you can scroll through by scrolling or pressing the up or down arrows right next to it.

Add a condition in the '...and...' column

4. Add additional conditions (optional)

Maybe you want the flow to execute only when certain environmental conditions are true (for instance after a certain time, or only when you are at home).

This is possible (but not mandatory) with the '...and...' column. Again, drag the relevant block from the left pane to the column to add this condition.

You may add as much conditions if you like, which must all be true for the flow to continue. You can even invert the condition by clicking the checkbox in the upper right of the block.

5. Add actions and save your Flow

Add actions in the '...then...' column

Now we're at the fun part: here you define what Homey should do. Homey can say something, turn lights to a certain color, change the temperature, notify you on your smartphone, and many things more.

Again you can add these actions by dragging the relevant blocks from the left pane, this time to the most right column, labeled '...then'.

Of course, actions can be combined to let Homey do multiple things at once. Unleash your creativity!

You can save your flow by clicking the Save button on the top of the screen, or by pressing Ctrl + S. Not happy with your flow? You can discard it again by pressing Delete.

Add Homey Flows to Folders

6. Add a Flow to a folder

To order your flows you can put them in folders. In the upper left corner you can find your Flows and you can also make a New Folder. Click and hold on the Flow you want to move, and drag it to the desired folder. The Flow will automatically be moved when you release it.

Homey Flow Editor

Feeling adventurous? Some actions in Homey Flows bear tags, and flows can also involve logic. Be warned, this is slightly more advanced. Read more about advanced flows with tags and logic.