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How to use the Homey Smartphone App

Homey allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world, using the free Homey Smartphone App for iOS and Android.

Install the Homey Smartphone App

1. Install the Homey Smartphone app

To start using Homey on the go, make sure to install the Homey Smartphone App first. To do so, search for and install the Homey app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple iTunes (iOS).

2. Log in to your Homey

Open the Homey Smartphone App, and login using your Athom account. Select the Homey that you want to access.

Zoneselector in Homey smartphone app

3. Select a zone

Just like the Device Manager, the Homey Smartphone App uses Zones to manage devices.

Zoneselector button in Homey smartphone app

In the bottom-right of the screen, you see a button with the icon of a door. Tap it to open the zone selector, and choose the zone that you want to monitor and/or control.

4. Control via touch and voice

In the zone you will find a card for every device. This card offers easy controls for that specific device type. Press the device icon to power it on or off.

The middle and right side of the card provide more sophisticated controls, and let you swipe through colors, brigtness, buttons, channels and much more.

Next to touch, the Homey Smartphone App also provides voice input. You can use the voice commands (including 'OK Homey') you would say to Homey in the app at all times.

5. Manage music and playlists

Homey does not only control your devices, but also your music! To control your music, open the context menu by swiping in from the left and select Media.

Use the control buttons to control your music. To seek within a song, draw (parts of) a circle around the play/pause button.