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How to interpret the feedback from Homey's LED ring

The LED ring is one of the most distingishable parts of Homey. Of course it is shiny and beautiful, but it also provides valuable feedback if you interpret it correctly. Read on for information on the different animations and colors.

Voice feedback

Homey provides feedback on voice input and output. This way, you can always see whether Homey is listening (after you said the 'OK Homey' trigger) to you, or is talking at the moment.

When Homey is either actively listening or talking, the LED ring will pulsate in orange in sync with the volume of the audio.

Loading animations

One of the most common animations of the LED ring is the loading animation, consisting of a part of the ring that is circling and growing/shrinking. This indicates Homey is busy doing something.

You can determine what Homey exactly is doing from color of the animation:

  • White - Homey is processing your voice command
  • Orange - Homey is generally loading/busy (like booting)
  • Blue - Homey is downloading something from the internet (like a new app)
  • Purple - Homey is updating itself at the moment, do not turn off the power.
    Or Homey has been powered on upside down (turn it off and turn it on when upright)

Pulsing animations

Pulses are used as feedback to you that something happened. The color of the pulse corresponds with what happened, or with the information provided.

Homey pulses green when something went right, and red when something went wrong. Next to that, apps may implement pulses in various colors. For instance, when you ask for the weather, the weather app may show a yellow pulse if it's sunny outside.

You can determine what Homey exactly is doing from color of the animation:

  • Orange - Homey is listening to your voice or talking back
  • Yellow - Homey is ready to be installed, go to Homey Setup
  • Red - Homey could not correctly start. Try the Recovery procedure

Change Homey's idle mode in Settings → LED Ring

Idling and Screensaver

By default, Homey shows a rainbow animation when it is idling, because it looks great. You can change the idle mode by navigating to Settings → LED Ring.

Next to rainbow, pulse and off, you can set Homey to idle with a screensaver. This lets a selected app take over the LED ring in idle mode to ubiquitously show information, like the weather or your stock portfolio performance.