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How to install Apps on Homey

Homey is an open platform, meaning that anyone can write an app for it, just like with a smartphone. This helps us support more devices, but apps can also be used to do other things, like accessing information, streaming music or linking to internet services. Discover how easy installing apps to Homey is:

Select Flow in my Athom

1. The Homey App Store

All Homey apps are collected in the Homey App Store. You can browse through them, filter by type or category, or start searching here.

2. Installing an app

Click on an app in the App Store to view more information. If you want this apps, click the purple Install button1. Now log in and select the Homey2 you want to install the app to, and start installing3.

Installing an app on Homey

Homey is now installing your app. On your screen, you will see a waiting animation during the installation process. Homey will display a blue loading animation on its LED ring.

Go to Settings - Apps

3. Manage and Delete apps

To manage your apps, Login to your Homey and navigate to Settings → Apps. In the main pane, you will see an overview of all your apps installed on this Homey.

Disable or Remove an App in Homey

Use the buttons on the right of an app entry to either remove or disable the app. Note: removing an app will disable any Flows including cards of this app.

App Specific Settings in Homey

4. App-specific settings (optional)

Some apps may have custom settings of their own. This can for example be a login to an account associated with the service (like your Spotify account).

These app-specific settings are found in Settings, at the bottom of the left pane under the Apps heading. Upon selecting the app, the relevant settings will show up in the main pane.