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Athom's and Homey's take on privacy and data

Homey is designed with Privacy and Security in mind. Your home is a safe place, and we do everything to keep it that way. That is why we implement the following 4 principles.

1. Your data is yours

Homey keeps an eye on your home by logging your sensor data and the stuff you tell Homey to do. Both are only stored and accessible on your Homey. This means only you own your data, and no-one can peak in..

2. You are in control

Not everyone at home may always listen to you, but Homey does. Homey gives the ultimate control over your home to you. You decide who gets access. You decide what happens, and when.

3. Your home(y) is secure

We secure and encrypt all our connections to keep you safe. Homey is equipped with the latest, banking-grade security to protect your information, actions and home to the highest extend possible.

4. Others are not you

Homey treats each user individually. You can give others access to your Homey using their own accounts. This way, you can also revoke access, even when they're on the same network. Because only you are you, and others are not.

Want to know more about how we handle your data? Take a look at our Privacy Policy.