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How to add, manage and remove user accounts on Homey

Homey has user accounts. This is great because you don’t have to share your own account or password, ever. It also allows you to manage and control who has access. Note: Only the owner of Homey can manage user accounts.

1. The advantages of using accounts

Homey makes use of accounts per user. This offers a lot of advantages:

  • You can manage multiple Homeys with a single login
  • Owners can add and revoke access easily, allowing temporary access
  • Sharing your WiFi password does NOT let people access your Homey
  • You can login globally in the same way you do at home

Adding a User Account to Homey

2. Adding a new user to your Homey

To grant access to your Homey to another user, Log in to your Homey on a PC and navigate to Settings → Users. Simply type the email address of the person in the text field and press Add user.

Manage, Disable and remove User Accounts in Homey

3. Manage and revoke access

All accounts that have access to your Homey are visible in Settings → Users. To (permanently) revoke or (temporarily) disable access, use the Remove and Disable buttons on the right.