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How to control Homey with voice commands

You can control Homey with voice commands, to easily control devices or retrieve information. Basic control with voice commands is really easy:

1. Trigger Homey

To let Homey know you're talking to it, you must trigger Homey by saying 'OK Homey' to it. When Homey heard the trigger, its LED ring will start pulsing orange.

2. Give your command

Now, you can give your desired command or question. Homey understands a lot of commands, ranging from controlling devices ('lower the temperature', 'turn off all lights in the living room') to questions for information ('what's the time?').

What can I say to Homey?

3. Wait for analysis

After your command, wait for Homey to analyze your desires. You will see a white loading animation indicating Homey is processing your voice command.

4. Excute command

Homey will execute your command within seconds. Depending on the command, you will be given feedback, spoken information, or controlled devices.