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How to analyze your home with Homey Insights

Homey not only controls your home, but also monitors it. To view the data Homey has been gathering about your home and devices, you can make use of Homey Insights:

1. Open Homey Insights

To access Homey Insights, log in to your Homey on a laptop or PC, and choose 'Insights'. Now, the Insights interface of Homey will open with data sources on the left and a graph on the right.

Select Data Sources in Homey for Insights

2. Select Data Sources

Select sources on the left to view the accompanying data in the graph area. Next to the data sources, you can select the type of graph you want the data to display in.

Creating a data source template in Homey Insights

3. Create a Template

Click in the upper left corner to create a template of a set of data sources. By creating and saving a template, you can easily access the same dataset next time.

Select the date range for Homey Insights

4. Check Back regularly

Check back regularly to see how your home keeps behaving. In the upper right, you can select the date range of the data that is displayed.