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What can I say to Homey?

Voice commands make interacting with technology feel smooth and natural. That's why Homey supports a wide range of speech commands. Here you will find some sample phrases which Homey can understand. Installing apps on your Homey will only expand it's speech functionality further!


Turn on the lights
Turn off the lights in the kitchen and the living room
Switch on lamp1 (if you have a light named "lamp1")
Change the lights to blue
Set the lights to (warm) white
Dim the lights
Dim lamp1 to 40 percent (if you have a light named "lamp1")
Turn up the lights all the way


Play music
I want to listen to jazz
Play <album or song title>
Play music by <artist>
Play <album or song title> by <artist>
Next/previous track
Repeat this song
Repeat this playlist
What song is playing?
Which playlist is this?


Change the temperature to 20 degrees
Set the temperature in the hallway to 18 degrees
Set Nest to 20 degrees (if you have a thermostat named "Nest")
It's cold in here
It's a bit warm in the living room and the bedroom

Window coverings

Open the blinds
Draw the curtains in the bedroom
Close the beige curtains (if you have a blinds named "beige curtains")
Lower the solar screen halfway
Open the curtains 40 percent


Turn on the tv
Turn on the Samsung TV (if you have a TV named "Samsung")
Next channel
Increase the volume
Change the volume to 10
Mute/unmute the tv


Turn on the amplifier
Turn on the Poineer (if you have an amplifier named "Poineer")
Increase the volume
Change the volume to 10
Mute/unmute the amplifier

Vacuum cleaners

Start cleaning
Start spot cleaning (if the vacuum cleaner has the ability to do spot cleaning)
Send the vacuum to the docking station
Charge the vacuum
Turn off the vacuum cleaner


How warm is it?
What is the temperature in the basement and the hallway?
How warm is the fish tank (if you have a sensor named "fish tank")
What is the humidity outside?


Turn off the sockets
Turn on the socket in the living room
Turn on the humidifier (if you have a socket named "humidifier")
Dim the outlets in the garden to 40 percent


Did I lock the door?
Did I leave the garage door unlocked? (if you have a lock in a zone named "garage")
Is the front door locked? (if you have a lock named "front door")


Tell me a number
Give me a number between 9 and 26
Say a number (greater/smaller) than 10
Heads or tails?
What is your current version?
What is your local IP address?
Turn (on/off) your LED ring
And many more...

Presence and Sleep

Detailed information about presence and sleep can be found in a separate support article
I'm Home
I'm going to sleep
Good night
Good morning

Alarm clock

Set an alarm monday at quarter past 7 in the morning
Wake me up in 8 hours

Time and date

What time is it?
What day is it?
What is today's date?
What day of the week is it in 6 months?
What time will the sun rise?


Set a reminder 2 minutes and 30 seconds from now
Remind me to take out the trash tomorrow morning at 9
Set a timer to take the pizza out of the oven in 12 minutes
Help me remember to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow at 4 in the afternoon