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How to improve Homey's 433MHz reception

Devices that work on 433MHz (including KlikAanKlikUit, Oregon Scientific, Alecto and more) can sometimes have unreliable reception, especially with Homey listening. This may be caused by 'RF noise' in the environment, which makes it hard for Homey to hear your devices. Please check for the following things to improve the environment for Homey:

Coax Cable

1. Loose Coax cables

Coax cables (i.e. used for Television) conduct Radio Frequency Signals. Coax cables with loose ends or with damaged shielding can therefore heavily emit RF noise. Make sure all your coax cables are properly connected and used, and disconnect any leftover, loose or damaged cables.

2. Power Line Communication devices

Adaptors that offer a LAN network or internet via your wall sockets make use of Power Line Communication. These power line adapters are however known to interfere with wireless products. Performance might improve when using no or less of these or other Power Line Communication devices.

3. Hope for good neighbours

RF noise is not restrained by address, so while you may have all your stuff tidied up, a neighbour with PLC and loose coax cables can still cause issues. We do advise against any illegal actions.