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How to combine Homey and IFTTT

Homey features lots of great Apps. For some devices or services, however, a Homey App is not (yet) available. But you can still integrate all your favorite services via IFTTT (If This Then That)!

Connect IFTTT with Homey

1. Install and cofigure the IFTTT App for Homey

To get started, install the IFTTT App on Homey. After installing, get to Settings → IFTTT, click Connect to IFTTT and select your Athom account.

2. Create Flows using IFTTT

Create your (first) Flow with IFTTT. IFTTT options are available in the IF and THEN columns. Within a card, enter a name for the action, so you can recognize and use it within the site of IFTTT.

Create a Flow where Homey triggers IFTTT Create a Flow where IFTTT triggers Homey

Connect Homey to IFTTT

3. Create an Applet on IFTTT

Go to IFTTT and log in or create an account. Browse to My Applets, click New Applet and search for Homey. Or, use an Applet from our IFTTT channel.

4. Connect to Homey

Select Homey, click Connect and select your Athom account. Now, choose your desired action, and the corresponding Flow card.

Note: the 'Flow is triggered' trigger in IFTTT means that an IFTTT card is executed in a Flow. This links to cards in the THEN column of your Flows, and continues this Flow. Alternatively, the 'Trigger a Flow' action in IFTTT triggers an IF card in your Flows.

Flow Actions and IFTTT triggers

5. Finalize your combination

Finalize your combination with a nice IFTTT action, or by adding variables. You can add up to 3 variables which you can use in Homey.

Finish your Flows with variables