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How to play Music with Homey

Since Homey version 1.2, Homey has a Music interface. This allows you to fully control the music in your home through Homey: play, pause, change volume and select songs or playlists via the Homey Smartphone App or even Flows! Learn how to get started using Music on Homey below.

Play Music on Homey

1. Add your speaker system to Homey

Start by adding your speaker system to Homey. To do this, either plug in the AUX cable of your audio system in Homey, or use Homey Apps to connect to your smart speaker system like Sonos, Chromecast or Heos. You can add these smart speakers via the 'Add Device' wizard in Devices.

Add a speaker to Homey

2. Install Homey Apps for your desired music services

Homey can fetch music from several online services, including Soundcloud, Google Play Music and Spotify (only with Spotify Connect speakers like Sonos). To use these music services, install the Homey App for the services you want to use with Homey via the Homey App Store. Next, log in to your account via the App Settings of the service under Settings.

Select the active speaker in Homey

Soundcloud App Google Play Music App Spotify for Sonos App

3. Play music via the Desktop or Smartphone App

Start playing music from the Homey Desktop App or the Homey Smartphone App. Both have a interface called Music which allows you to play music from the installed music services to connected devices. Select the desired speaker to play music over, and start playing your favorite tunes!

4. Create (mixed source) playlists on Homey

Create a Playlist on Homey

Homey can combine songs into playlists for you - even when these songs come from different (internet) sources! To make a playlist, open the Homey Desktop App and navigate to Music. In the left pane, you will find the Create Playlist button to get started. For more information on how to create mixed source playlists, see How to create mixed source playlists on Homey.

Incorporate Music in a Homey Flow

5. Integrate Music into your Homey Flows

Of course, Music can also be integrated in Homey Flows. This allows you to fully automate your music experience, and having specific playlists played at certain situations. To incorporate Music into your Flows, use the Music cards from the 'System' panel in Flows. For more information, see Incorporating Music in Homey Flows.