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How to create mixed source playlists on Homey

With Homey, you can't only play music, but you can also manage your favorite tunes in playlists. Because Homey can connect with several music services, we designed playlists to be able to handle multi-source playlists as well. This allows you to easily combine that Soundcloud mixtape with the singles from Spotify or Google Play Music.

1. Set up you speakers and services

Before you get started with playlists, make sure that your speakers are connected to Homey and you have set up your favorite music sources by installing their Homey Apps and logging in where neccessary. Not sure how? Read this article on setting up Music on Homey.

Create and rename a playlist in Homey

2. Create a new playlist in Homey

To create a new playlist in Homey, navigate to the Music interface in the Homey Desktop App. In the left pane, you’ll find the option 'Create Playlist'. Upon cliking, a new, empty playlist will be created. You can rename it by clicking its name, similar to renaming a zone in the Devices view.

3. Add tracks to your Homey playlist

Add a song to your playlist in Homey

You can add tracks to your Homey playlist from anywhere within the Music interface in the Homey Desktop App, including the 'Now Playing' list and search results. Simply right-click any track, choose 'add to playlist' and select the playlist you want to add the track to. This also works with tracks from multiple sources. You can simply add them to 1 playlist to create a mixed-source playlist.

Play playlists using Homey Flow

4. Enjoy your playlists!

Enjoy your music. To take things to the next level, you can even choose to let you playlists play automatically through Homey Flows.