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How to use Music in Homey Flows

Homey can be used to play music, but the full power of Homey shows when incorporating Music in Flows. Automate music playback based on situations to always enjoy the perfect set of tunes. And with Homey Flows, it's easier than ever.

Play Music on Homey

1. Set up you speakers and services

Before you get started with Flows, make sure that your speakers are connected to Homey and you have set up your favorite music sources by installing their Homey Apps and logging in where neccessary. Not sure how? Read this article on setting up Music on Homey.

Make a Flow with Music on Homey

2. Create a Flow and insert Music

Create or open the Flow that you want to add music to by opening the Flow interface in the Homey Desktop App. To add music to your Flow, simply select the 'Music' block in the left pane, and drag it to the desired column (...then for playing music). You can find the 'Music' block under 'System' in the upper side of the left pane.

3. Select the playlists and tracks that match the mood

Play a playlist in Homey Flows

With the Music block for Flows, you can play/pause music playback. Next to that, you can even select which songs or playlists to play! This way, you can always play the music which fits your mood, for instance based on time or weather conditions. Use the 'Play Now' or 'Play Playlist' options of the Music block for this.

4. Select the speaker and change volume

Select the active speaker in Homey Flows

Next to the Music block, the 'Speaker' block in Flows allows you to set the active speaker or to change the volume. Changing speakers is useful to play your tunes in the bedroom when you wake up, but switch to the living room speakers later on that day. Note that some services and speakers don't work together - at the moment, Spotify is limited to Sonos speakers, for instance. Trying to play songs from Spotify over other speakers won't work.

5. Tip: Create your own DJ with Music Trigers

Music not only has Flow actions, but also Flow triggers. This allows you to do even more with Music. For instance, use the 'Track has changed' option to let Homey tell you the title and artist of the new song. Combine this with a Logic condition that let it pass only 25% of the time and you have created your personal DJ/broadcaster!

Make Homey your radio DJ