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How to talk with Homey using Google Assistant

You can control Homey with voice commands, to easily control your devices or retrieve information. To increase the possibilities with voice commands even more you can also connect your Google Home to Homey. This article will describe how to do so.

Note: Your Homey needs to be set up in English, otherwise this will not work.

1. Download the Google Home app

To get started, download the Google Home app on your mobile phone and log in. Enable the microphone on your Google Home and ask your Google Home the following question: “Ok Google, let me talk to Homey”.

Enable Homey in Google Home

2. Enable Homey in Google Home app

Once you have completed the previous step, a message wil pop up in the Google Home app asking for permission to link your Homey to your Google Home.

3. All done!

Now you are all set to use your Homey in combination with Google Home!

Android users with Google Assistant

If you have an Android phone with Google Assistant already installed you can folow the steps along without installing the Google Home app. Just use the same phrase ('OK Google, let me talk to Homey') in your Google Assistant and it will automatically search for Homey.