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How to connect Facebook Messenger to Homey

Instead of using voice commands to control your Homey, you can also connect Facebook Messenger to your Homey to send commands to your Homey. This article will explain how to set this up.

1. Open your Facebook app on your phone.

You need to make sure that the Facebook app is installed on your phone and you are logged in with your Facebook account.

Homey Messenger Pop up

2. Homey + Messenger

Once you have opened your Facebook app, search for 'Homey + Messenger' and click to open the page.

Homey Messenger Pop up

3. Getting started

The next step will be to click on 'get started' after that you will be prompted to log in with your Homey account. Use the credentials of your Homey account to log in.

4. Select your Homey

After you have logged in you need to select your current Homey. Once completed you are ready to use Facebook Messenger to send commands to Homey!