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How to connect Homey with Alexa Smart Home

With the Homey + Alexa integration, you can speak to Homey directly through Amazon Alexa by saying “Alexa, ask Homey ...”.
With the Homey + Alexa Smart Home integration, you can control your Homey devices directly through Alexa, for example by saying “Alexa, turn on all lights”.

1. Download the Amazon Alexa app

To get started make sure your Amazon Echo (Dot) is set up and connected to a wifi network. Once your Amazon Echo (Dot) is set up use the mobile app for the Amazon Echo (Dot) and go to Smart Home in the menu.

2. Enable the Homey Smart Home skill

Scroll down and select Your smart home skills. Then navigate to 'Enable smart home skills' and search for Homey. Touch Enable skill.

3. Log-in with your Athom Account

Log in with your Athom Account, to give Alexa access to Homey.

4. Discover devices

To add your devices, press 'Discover devices' in the Alexa app. Alexa will now find all supported Homey devices. From now on, you can invoke basic commands such as Alexa, turn on <name of device>“.

Create a group in the Alexa app called All Lights to say “Alexa, turn on All Lights“

Rename devices in the Alexa app to make them easier for Alexa to understand.

When you add or remove devices from Homey, run 'Discover devices' again to synchronize.