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How to connect Homey with KNX

Homey can connect to a KNX network with the help of a KNX/IP Interface or KNX/IP Router.



Step 1 — Installation of the KNX/IP Interface

  1. Place the KNX/IP Interface on a free position on your KNX rail.
  2. Connect the KNX/IP Interface to your LAN network using the provided ethernet cable.
  3. Connect the KNX/IP Interface to your KNX network using the provided KNX-bus cable.
    Make sure that the colors are matched.

Step 2 — Configuration of the KNX/IP Interface

  1. Make sure that KNX Address 15.15.255 is free. This is usually the case. If this is not the case, please ask your installer for help.
  2. Make sure that the KNX/IP Interface is connected to your LAN network and has an IP address. If this is not the case, then make sure DHCP is enabled on your internet router, or assign an IP manually.

Step 3 — Configuration of Homey

  1. Install the KNX Homey App on Homey.

Step 4 — Adding a KNX device to Homey

  1. In the Homey Desktop App, navigate to Devices → Add a device (+) and select KNX.
  2. Homey should automatically find the KNX/IP Interface. If this is not the case, you will be presented with an option to enter the IP address manually.
  3. Select the correct KNX/IP Interface.
  4. Enter the KNX Group Address of the KNX device you want to add, e.g. a light.

If you do not know the group address, you can import an ETS configuration file (.knxproj) and then select the correct group address.
Additionally, you can select 'Learn' to automatically find a KNX device on the network by repeatedly pressing a button.

  1. Repeat this step for any additional KNX device you want to add.