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Everyone still receives letters once in a while. Homey can let you know whenever you receive one by giving you a smartphone notification whenever someone opens your postbox.

To monitor your postbox, simply connect a door/window sensor to it. A door/window sensor is a set of two small, adhesive sensors, which send a notification whenever their contact is broken. Homey works with door sensors from Fibaro, Lightwave RF, Aeotec, KlikAanKlikUit, Neo Coolcam and many more. By attaching a sensor set to (the inside of) your postbox, it will give Homey a notification when it’s opened.

Get a notification from your postbox in Homey Flows

By telling Homey that you want a push notification on your smartphone whenever the postbox is opened, you will never miss a letter anymore. Creating the Flow for this is really easy with Homey’s Flow Editor:

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The most powerful and versatile Smart Home platform on the market. The Flow Editor, Apps and active community differentiate Homey from its competitors.

– AJediIAm, user-reviewer

I’m really struck by the ease of combining all these different devices and programming them.

– David Lemereis, Bright TV

What stands out is the ease of use of Homey. Despite initial doubts, I was able to control Somfy sunscreens from my own Flows within a minute.

– Jorden,

A very well-conceived concept. This single hub that connects all Smart Home devices solves a substantial problem in the Smart Home market.

– Wout Funnekotter, Chief-editor