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Simulate your presence with Homey to pretend you are home. Using Homey Flows, you can easily create scenarios that make your home look alive, even when you’re not there, creating an extra layer of security in your smart home.

Homey allows you to create Flows which turn on and off lights, TV, music and more, allowing for a much more real simulation than just switching a single lightbulb. These Flows can be enabled manually, or automatically when you leave. This makes sure you’re always protected, but never bothered by the simulation.

By making use of Homeys smart triggers, like ‘when the sun sets’, you can create a single Flow that is always spot on – in every season. You’ll be able to leave your home carefree all year long, without worrying about rescheduling your timers. With Homey’s presence simulation, no one will know you’re not there.

Read more about presence simulation on Homey in our blog post on Presence Simulation.

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A very well-conceived concept. This single hub that connects all Smart Home devices solves a substantial problem in the Smart Home market.

– Wout Funnekotter, Chief-editor

I’m really struck by the ease of combining all these different devices and programming them.

– David Lemereis, Bright TV

What stands out is the ease of use of Homey. Despite initial doubts, I was able to control Somfy sunscreens from my own Flows within a minute.

– Jorden,

The most powerful and versatile Smart Home platform on the market. The Flow Editor, Apps and active community differentiate Homey from its competitors.

– AJediIAm, user-reviewer