Z-Wave Devices

Z-Wave devices are a smart choice for smart homes. Because of its wide variety of supported smart home products, Z-Wave offers a lot of options for homeowners. That way, you can customize your smart home to meet exactly your needs.

However, because this technology is so versatile, it can be difficult to find the right devices. There are so many different colors, styles and types of devices to choose from. Z-Wave offers solutions for every home, whether you have an existing smart home or are just starting out.

Whether you’re interested in home security, savinging energy, simply enjoying comfort of a smart home or all of the above, there’s a Z-Wave device that matches your needs. Let’s see what’s out there.

Z-Wave Lighting

Smart lighting allows you to control your lights. Smart lighting with Z-Wave allow you to dim them remotely, turn them on or off, or change their colours. With a Smart Home Hub, or Z-Wave controller, you can even go as far as creating schedules to turn your lights on at certain times. Or, for instance, turning on the lights when you open your door.

If all your lights are connected to your Z-Wave Controller, you can access them all remotely. That means turning lights on or off from your couch, or from the other side of the world.

There are a few different ways of making your lighting smarter with different Z-Wave products. You can control your ‘regular’ lamps through smart plugs or built-in switches. Aside from that, there’s the possibility of buying an actual Z-Wave smart bulb, which you can directly remote control, after you screw them into their fitting, of course! You can control these individually. Most smart bulbs are LED and are available in standard white or with the ability to change colours. In order to control these, the light switch should usually be on at all times to control the light.

z-wave smart lighting.

Smart plugs are little Z-Wave devices you can place in between a 'regular' device and a power outlet. By doing so, you can control the device that’s being plugged in. For instance, dim or turn a device on or off with your phone, or through an automated scenario.

Built-in switches are installed behind a non-smart switch to make it smarter. They can usually dim your lights or turn them on and off. These built-in switches allow you to control lighting at the switch, remotely through the Homey Smartphone App or through automated scenes, or Homey Flows.

Z-Wave Sensors

Smart sensors can detect changes in your home, adding a new level of safety and security to your home. Next to that, they play an integral role in your smart home when it comes to automated scenarios. Did a sensor detect anything out of the ordinary when you’re not at home? Receive an alert on your smartphone. They are very useful and, because of this, very popular.

The most common sensors you’ll find in a smart home are flood/water sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors and door/window sensors. In essence, their main functionalities are quite straightforward. Water/flood sensors are sensors used to detect water, and alert you so you can take appropriate action to avoid damage to your home. Smoke detectors keep you informed if your home has a fire or a carbon monoxide issue. Motion sensors detect motion. However, some also keep track of light, temperature and humidity. And lastly, door/window sensors keep track of the status of your doors and windows.

All of these sensors can report directly to you if something happens. Next to that, they can help you out with creating powerful home automation scenarios. For instance, turning on lights, music or thermostats based on motion detection. This works two ways: You’ll never have to get up to turn on anything, and if there’s no motion detected, sensors can turn all devices off, saving you a lot of energy. These sensors tie in really well with any smart home scenario you would like to create with a Z-Wave controller such as Homey.

Z-Wave Smart Locks

Smart locks provide a lot of peace of mind. They allow you to know who is coming and going from your home. And once a smart lock is connected to your smart hub, you can remotely access your door from anywhere in the world.

This offers a lot of potential. You never have to wonder if you locked the door or not. In case you didn’t, you can simply lock it with your Homey smartphone app, making keys a thing of the past. Never worry again about losing or forgetting your keys. With a smart lock, you always have access to your door to let someone in.

never forget the keys when you have a smart lock

Some smart locks even offer up to 100 unique keys. That way you can grant access to all your family members, your housekeeper, or a maintenance repair person, or even somebody who is renting your second home without any problems. You’re always in the know of who is coming and going, making these locks some of the most popular Z-Wave devices out there.